UI and UX Development


Wireframe or schematic or screen blueprint or rapid prototyping is one of the key elements of planning for a website or an application.Infario UI team who bring your thoughts and imagination in real life through wireframes.Which can be used as a pre product design for your end users feedback and reaction



Once we create workflow chart and wireframes the next step is creating mockups give almost similiar to end result includes all graphical componenets like logo, banners and full featured buttons. Mockups decides the whole theme of your app / website which helps the client to decide the progress and its required to make high fidelity prototypes. As a refuted visual design solution provider, We try to personify your mockup design through an exceptional approach which will make you relevant for end users

Prototype Designs


With prototypes we mean applications running smoothly on device with the look and feel of a real product. The prototype is built by experienced UI designer which is gives better understanding of the system to client as well as programmers for fast, flexible and reliable final output. The prototype has no real connections and use dummy data. It is optimal for trying different concepts and applications live on device and excellent for user testing! The code of the prototype can be used when implementing into a real product which improves the time to market.